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TORNADO Source Panel v1.5 (eng\rus)
[Image: tsource_panel_01.png]

Promt Translate:
Quote:The description:
The panel is conceived to use for simplification to people the server
And to control it without coming on the server. Strong aren't required
Knowledge in console commands, thereby the panel simplifies
To use the server. There is a support two mode: SourceMod and
Mani Admin Plugin. Using the panel to you it is not necessary to use
bat files, for start and server update. It is possible to control not only
The house server but also remote (rented), thanking
And it is much function "Host" another you learn using the panel.

Promt Translate:
Monitoring of players, monitoring of adjustments, control
Cards, easy creation cfg files, the editor of files,
The visual html-editor for motd, floppy adjustments of start of the server,
Sending rcon commands, possibility банить and кикать players without coming
On the server, it is possible it will be connected to the server or sourcetv through
The panel and many other things.

Promt Translate:
Support of English language v0.1a is added.
The error is corrected: at shut-down and server restarting
(Broad gulls about operation end) weren't written.
It is corrected displays of Russian font in "Rcon the console".
Saving "Autoload with start Windows" is corrected.
The stop and server restarting is changed
(With 1sec. On 3sec. For saving of dens).
The tab inscription is changed: Control of cards on Cards
Some icons in the program are replaced.
It is added creations of the administrator for sourcemod, on Steam Id and IP to the address.
Support Counter-Strike Source (the old version) is added
It is added in adjustments: a choice of the version of game
(Counter-Strike Source and Counter-Strike Source Orange Box).
The tab Voting is added.
Support Mani and Sm in voting is added.

[Image: 22fece4216e65713185d9b4368f062c4.jpeg] [Image: d05226f33267657089fbcb8090f6dfa1.jpeg] [Image: d32a0a3201271407a621e18dc5538ef0.jpeg] [Image: 5b3fdc2d254d6667610d9e1e14a1d371.jpeg] [Image: 9be605cdc583fd361170e95481e3edeb.jpeg] [Image: 20d4cd3a0748fc52a2442ded0f4e7bc9.jpeg] [Image: 1afb56e6d0e012ec7ffa0ebbba54933f.jpeg]

OS Support: Win XP x86-x64 , Win Vista x86-x64 и Win 7 x86-x64. [/center]
Server (Source Dedicated Server) for "Counter-Strike: Source" от 07.10.2004.
Server (Source Dedicated Server OB) for "Counter-Strike: Source OB" от 23.06.2010.
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 - Download: dotNetFx40_Full_setup.exe
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86-x64)
Download for x86: vcredist_x86.exe
Download for x64: vcredist_x64.exe

Download program: tsource_panel.exe

Promt Translate:
For setting and usage of the program you should have full
Access of the manager to system. If it not so don't install
The program on a disk "With" also launch only on behalf of the manager!
Install an appropriate tick in properties of a label. Read
On the Internet how to get the full access in Windows Vista \Seven for this purpose,
That by default all launched programs opened
On behalf of the manager!

About program:

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