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Mani and Quake sounds
I have mani and want to use the quake sounds. I know I have the files in the right place because some of my files will play. I have set headshot, firstblood, and prepare. All will play except the headshot. And only prepare will say prepare to fight at the top of the screen. Im sure i have the values right in the mani_quake_sounds.cfg file. Anyone have any ideas.
for one this would probly be better answered on the mani forums, but since your here

are you sure you have set the server to exec the mani_quake_sounds.cfg file... like a line that says
exec mani_quake_sounds.cfg
and your positive you got the seperate sounds zip file off of mani's site. other then that. if its all set right, it should work. maybe in game you have to set it to play the sounds by typing "quake" in the chat.
yep i had it set. I dont know what was wrong but they're workin now. Thanx alot skeletor i appreciate your help.
no problem.. i try to help as many as i can.
I know how to set it up.

Ok just delete all the mani_admin_plugin stuff and all the quake stuff to start from sratch.

DL both of them and "install" mani_admin 1st.

Add your steam id to the list again and config w/e u want and then test it.

Next with the quake, unzip it to the cfg folder and then go to the mani_quake_sounds.cfg and chnage the 0 to 1 to enable quake. Then go to
your mani_server.cfg and add exec mani_quake_sounds.cfg if its not already in there.(the newest mani has it in there) then you have to go to the readme.txt file from the quake_sound.rar file and copy all the sounds (or just copy it from this attachment) then paste it in the downloads.txt file right below the "my file" stuff or just replace the file withe this 2nd attachment. Then just reboot the server and it should work.

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.txt   quake downloadlist.txt (Size: 400 bytes / Downloads: 372)
.txt   downloads.txt (Size: 699 bytes / Downloads: 395)
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I did all of this, and the quake sounds still dont work Sad

the Mani-Admin plugin works, I can see it game, and other things like ranks work. But the quake sounds don't. Id appreciate any help on this.

are ppl downloading the sounds when they join?
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I am not sure...I have been testing it myself and I already have them downloaded...Ill ask one of my friends to check on that and see if tehy do download it.

It was working ofr a little while a couple days ago, but for some reason the next day it stoppedworking. I reinstalled Source and the server, and started afresh, and now as I said before the Mani admin plugin works, but the quake sounds dont.

no, the sounds do not download.
You ahve to get them downloading first, you can do this by using the mani auto download cvar (mani_server.cfg) or if this doesnt work make .res files (which I prefer)
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But you also have to make sure inside of the mani_server.cfg you have exec mani_quake_sounds.cfg. On top of that you have to have auto download enabled like Dro said. Then you need to pick and choose which ones you want in quakesoundlist.txt file. Or change em around if you please. There is also another file called soundlist.txt which you can add any sound too and play it thru the mani menu system.
thanks for the replies

In the mani_server.cfg file, mani_sounds_auto_download is set to 1, so the sounds should be downloading. (the line looks like mani_sounds_auto_download 1 )

exec mani_quake_sounds.cfg was already in my mani_server.cfg file, the latest version of the plugin already has it.

As far as the quakesoundlist.txt file, This is how it looks (minus the // lines)
Quote:"prepare" quake/prepare.mp3
"firstblood" quake/firstblood.mp3
"humiliation" quake/humiliation.mp3
"multikill" quake/multikill.mp3
"monsterkill" quake/monsterkill.mp3
"ultrakill" quake/ultrakill.mp3
"godlike" quake/godlike.mp3
"headshot" quake/headshott.mp3
"dominating" quake/dominating.mp3
"holyshit" quake/holyshit.mp3
"killingspree" quake/killingspree.mp3
"ludicrouskill" quake/ludicrouskill.mp3
"rampage" quake/rampage.mp3
"unstoppable" quake/unstoppable.mp3
"wickedsick" quake/wickedsick.mp3

I have done nothing to the soundlist.txt, should UI have?
No thats for any type of sound you want. Did you enable quake sounds in the mani_quake_sounds.cfg file? Also someone i knew had a similar problem and I posted the .txt and .cfg files from my server and it fixed his problem so if you wanna try that go to this post and scroll down until you see the download part. It should be called
yeah, I already looked through that thread, I downloaded and used thse files, and it stil doesn't work.

and yes, I set the value to 1 to enable quake sounds.

Im going to reinstall everything and start over and see itf the problem percists, but I believe it still will.


any more answeres/sugestions welcome
Yeah i had to do the same thing before mine worked too, took me a while to get familiar with the way mani works.
still doesn't work Sad

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