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Hey SRCDS Community,

We have finally released our FREE CLAN WEBSITE service from MAD-EMedia. It took a while in the making to work out all the details and make this live, but its finally here! Check out the website for all details on how to get your free clan website now!

FREE CLAN WEBSITE Package Includes

- MAD E-Sports CMS (Limited)

GET YOURS NOW!!!! (Click Here)

Service Experience

- 300 + Active Clients (August 2010)
- 500 + Serviced in under a year
- $1000s in custom projects
- 10+ Years of online gaming

Other Services

- Web Hosting With Free Template
- Premium Templates
- Custom Design and Development
- Misc Web Admin Services
- MORE!!!!

Customization By Support - Going the extra length for our clients!

We provide a lot of extra support that other web hosting companies and online gaming services dont provide for our monthly paying customers. We understand that a lot of gamers or teams have no web hosting or web master experience when it comes to managing their team website. There is a lot of 3rd party programs and other features that our Content Management System doesn't provide that is in high demand from the online communities. At MAD-EMedia we go the extra length to impress and improve our clients sites. So long as its something we have done in the past and doesnt take us more then 10-15 minutes there is no need to charge.

So let your mind wounder and come up with other features you would like to see on your unique clan website! Just simply put a support ticket in the "Customization" department and be patient for a reply from our staff.

About US
MAD Esports Media (MAD-EMedia) is an online web solutions company dedicated to providing services to Esports Gaming Teams. Designed to offer a larger selection of different services each team or team leader needs in any website experience. What makes us unique is our cheap price and extent to take that extra step to keep our customer coming back for more.

From FREE to $500 - We provide Web Hosting, Web Design, Development, Flash Design, Templates, Forums, Banners, ESports CMS, Customization By Support, Free Forums, Free Banners and MORE! With our years of experience in the ESports gaming market and dedication to continue to develope our services... MAD-EMedia will be a name you will remember from your gaming experiences.
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I did that and its just a index.
Yes, its a template. You edit the index.html to make your site.

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