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IRC-script to get admins
Hey good people

Does anyone know of a script with this function:

Lets say the server has no admin playing on it. And a cheater is rampaging the server. The server needs a admin now. So... one of the other players write "!admin Cheater on this and this server" The message is picked up in irc and transfered to the correct channel on quakenet?

Anyone that knows such script?
Do you run your own dedicated server? I have a few Perl Scripts that could be modified for that type of thing. Right now they just repost scores, frags, bombings, defuses, and Chat to the IRC channel. I'm sure it could be modified for your use.

Just a side note to this. If you are concerned with cheaters rampaging your server when there is not an admin available, you could always use Mani-Admin-Mod with the Votekick and Voteban enabled. You can actually set this to only be active if there is NO admin on the server.
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