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Stack Exchange Q&A site proposal: Game Servers
StackExchange (the thing that powers StackOverflow) is accepting proposals for new Q&A sites. So I submitted one for game servers. I thought it was a good idea since the topic isn't really covered yet in this format.

Anyway, in order to get to the next stage it needs to get 60 followers. We're especially interested in experts at this stage, which is why this is in The Admins Pit. If you consider yourself an expert at running game servers, this is definitely for you.

So if you like the idea, you can help out by following via the link below. You can further help by submitting example on- and off-topic questions to define the site.

If you aren't familiar with this type of site, it is basically a Q&A site that allows users to ask and answer question. Good answers are voted up until the best answer is chosen. This helps people looking for answers in the future to sift through the noise. I think it's a perfect format for game server questions.


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