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Counter-Strike: Source and Team Fortress 2 Update Available (7-6-10)
Please note that this is ONLY a CSS update. The TF2 update is client-side for mac.

Jason Wrote:A required update for Counter-Strike: Source is now available. The specific changes are:

- Fixed incorrect stat collection by forcing all dedicated servers to update to the new version

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When I try to update hldsupdatetool or CSS server (same message):
Quote:Checking bootstrapper version ...
Getting version 41 of Steam HLDS Update Tool

Connection Reset, Winsock Error 10054 "Connection reset by peer"

What is this? It seems like more servers are experiencing this because my favorite servers are down..
Quote:Winsock error 10054 is "Connection reset by peer", or "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host". The error means exactly what it says - the remote host closed the connection unexpectedly. This happens when a connection is aborted, and there is no tcp disconnection handshake (fin, fin ack, ack) , but instead a rst (reset) flag is sent. A reset flag aborts the connection, and can be sent when:

- The device is suddenly stopped, rebooted, or loses its network connection.
- The device uses a "hard close".
- A "half-open connection" state occurs. That is, when one device not been receiving acknowledgements of the data it has sent, or it receives acknowledgement for an unrecognized sequence or ack number, it will send a rst flag to reset the connection. This particular case could have a variety of its own causes, such as misconfigured proxy/firewall or network quality issues resulting in too many dropped packets.

Perhaps you're experiencing the same issue described in this thread:
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Seems like it was indeed the bandwith of the server that was exceeded/stressed.

My download is working now, althought it goes very very slow! Topic can be closed.

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