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FPS Gaming - (Members, Teams & Admins Wanted!)
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Community Sponsored Teams are teams that are a part of FPS Gaming. They help advertise and keep the community populous and thriving. They are the most basic form of sponsored teams which stay busy working their way to the next level of sponsorship. These teams will be using the community TS3 and will be given their own private channels. Teams are expected to be keep active in public servers, forums, TS3, and to participate in the community events. The idea behind advancement is “The more you do the more you get”, meaning the more you participate in our community will determine the amount of servers we offer you control of or the amount of resources we send your way.

We are looking to provide a home for public gamers, community members, and teams that visit and play on our servers or anyone interested in a great environment to enjoy your gaming experience with others from ages 20 to 55. We emphasize and stress a mature setting for everyone. This is a public community and your competition, game rank, or skill level is not going to matter. We have specifically developed our community structure so every gamer is included.

Community Teamspeak
This is the town center of our community. We require all teams who are sponsored to actively use our provided voice communications in the form of a 500+ slot Teamspeak 3 Server. This is also the place to come to and game with a group of guys sharing similar interests and maturity, or to find specific server admins when someone is acting up in a community server. Activity on Teamspeak also fuels promotions regarding staff ranks, or recruitments of new admins to monitor our community servers.
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Community Servers
We host several dedicated boxes to support FPS Gaming with any server needed. We host everything from Bad Company 2 to BF2, Richochet, Day of Defeat, Call of duty, and CounterStrike. We are also looking for applications for staff positions who would be in charge of anything from finding new community teams to sponsor or monitoring public community game servers. Here are a few of the servers we provide:
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We host over 20 servers total. A complete list can be found at and all interested members can apply for staff positions at

¤ Advertise FPS Gaming on website and team pages
¤ Active in our forum bulletin board, located here.
¤ Active in community public gaming servers
¤ Active in community Teamspeak 3
¤ Average age of no less than 20 ("Mature")
¤ MUST be a growing community / team with 15-20+ active members.
¤ MUST be accustomed to a mature and adult-oriented environment while still able to enjoy the games to the fullest.
¤ MUST be your own team or "entity" - no multigaming teams will be considered without thorough research behind the originality of your teams.

Benefits "The More you do, the more you get"
We have resources to pretty much provide anything involved with managing a team. And, as always, no donations required!

So far we have given away:

* Website Templates with MAD Esports Media's Premium Gaming CMS
* Web Hosting Packages courtesy of MAD Esports Media
* Private TS3 channels
* Private/Public Servers, Ranked Servers (Bad Company 2, BF2, all other games) courtesy of FPSGS
* Hardware Giveaways
* Tournaments with prizes
* Admin to FPS community public servers

For more details, please feel free to visit our website,, our public TS3 server,, or our bulletin board so any and all questions can be answered. Thanks!
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