SRCDS Steam group - Free Mumble Servers [UK]

How about celebrating the British summer with a 24 slot Mumble server for... Free!

To 'celebrate' the effort of the English football team we are offering ten free mumble servers.

If you weren't bought over by the 'free' part; our servers are hosted on top of the range Dell hardware in BlueSquare's M25 orbital facility, incredible gaming performance is just an order away.

To claim your free Mumble server simply use the coupon 'tenmumble' when ordering a Mumble server, be sure to order at 24 slots or less otherwise your order will be terminated!

Once you are settled in with your server all we ask is you give us an honest review of the order process and server quality, this can be done through the support system.

There's always 2014 lads!

Jamie Brunton, Gamer Creation
Gamer Creation - For Gamers By Gamers
Twitter: Gamer Creation

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