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New server
I recently got a server and OMG. downloading css servers would take 45 mins at my house and it only take 3:45 with this sweet 100mps. SO AWESOMe

i know this isnt anything new but i just wanted to say something
You are not alone about that feeling Big Grin Got a 1,5 mbit line at home, but a 100mbit server in Germany Big Grin

When you download/update a server it just says, Pof! And it is done.
Bah, 100mbps is nothing... Try 1000mbps... SO MUCH LINUX DISTRIBUTION TORRENTING....
Looking for a game server? Visit and pick one up as low as $2.50 / mo!
50mbit/s isn't bad either(~5.8mb/s) for a home connection Big Grin
You name it i want it ^^
I am living at the end of the ISP connections... Most times people from foreign countrys with larger distance havebeter routing and latencys than me Sad

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