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Free dedicated servers - West coast
Hey all,

I want to "stress test" my servers and get some feedback on how they are. I currently have 4 VPS that I am willing to install servers on for anyone who wants it (Preferably ones that will fill up and that are active).

Each server has it's own unique public IP and you will get the full resources of that server dedicated to you.

I will be doing this for at LEAST a month, longer if required. You will get full access to your game files via FTP or SFTP for map uploads and server config changes. I will also create simple scripts to start, stop and reboot your servers.

All I need is the game type you want installed, an email (you can PM me) and I'll set them up to the first 4 people that request them.

System Specs:

Each VPS will have 768 MB RAM, 1 CPU, 20GB HDD and connected to a 100 Mbps backbone. Server's are located in West-coast Canada (Surrey BC) with good backbones to (north)west-coast States like Seattle.

You could grab prime95 if your using windows os x86 and x64. Prime95 will use all resources and stress ie 100% CPU and RAM. You could run this while you have your servers and players on to see how well performance is I do this with all!
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