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What error I am getting

I have reinstalled my server. No I am not using Mani. This is a windows-based server. I do not know how to fix this issue.[/b]
You should list your server.cfg, the startup command list to run the server (ex C:/zombie/srcds.exe -console -game cstrike -tickrate 66 -ip -port +map de_dust2), and the metamod source file that loads the zombiemod plugin.

So you have Coldfrey's Zombiemod v2, MetaMod Source (loads zombiemod plugin), and Sourcemod (admin plugin) installed on the server?
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My server.cfg

// server name

// rcon passsword
rcon_password "fakepassword"

// server cvars
mp_friendlyfire 0
mp_footsteps 1
mp_autoteambalance 0
mp_autokick 0
mp_flashlight 1
mp_tkpunish 1
mp_forcecamera 0
sv_alltalk 1
sv_pausable 0
sv_cheats 0
sv_consistency 1
sv_allowupload 1
sv_allowdownload 1
sv_maxspeed 500
mp_limitteams 2
mp_hostagepenalty 5
sv_voiceenable 1
mp_allowspectators 1
mp_timelimit 60
mp_chattime 10
sv_timeout 65
sv_downloadurl ""
net_maxfilesize 60

// round specific cvars
mp_freezetime 2
mp_roundtime 10
mp_startmoney 16000
mp_c4timer 45
mp_fraglimit 0
mp_maxrounds 0
mp_winlimit 0
mp_playerid 0
mp_spawnprotectiontime 5

// bandwidth rates/settings
sv_maxrate 30000
sv_minrate 25000
sv_maxupdaterate 101
sv_minupdaterate 50
sv_maxcmdrate 101
sv_mincmdrate 50
sv_client_min_interp_ratio 0
fps_max 0

// server logging
log off
sv_logbans 0
sv_logecho 1
sv_logfile 1
sv_log_onefile 0

// operation
sv_lan 0
sv_region 0

// execute ban files
exec banned_user.cfg
exec banned_ip.cfg

Zombie Mod CFG:
// ZombieMod Configuation file.
// Executed at server start and on every map load.
// To load your settings once you've finished, use the console command zombie_loadsettings

// *****************************************************************************
// *****************************************************************************

// How often zombies play zombie sounds. The lower the value, the more often they emit a sound.
zombie_sound_rand 50

// Health that zombies get. First zombie is this times two.
zombie_health 600

// The speed that zombies travel at.
zombie_speed 325

// The knockback multiplier of zombies. Set to 0 to disable knockback.
zombie_knockback 4

// Amount of headshots before a zombie's head comes off. 0 means on death only.
zombie_headshot_count 6

// If enabled, zombies heads get blown off on headshot deaths.
zombie_headshots 1

// When 1, allows zombies to disable their own night vision.
zombie_allow_disable_nv 1

// When enabled, Zombies only take damage via headshots.
zombie_headshots_only 0

// Maximum amount of seconds after round_freeze_end for first random Zombification.
zombie_timer_max 55

// Minimum amount of seconds after round_freeze_end for first random Zombification.
zombie_timer_min 40

// When enabled, after zombie_balancer_player_ratio amount of players are zombies, each additional new zombies health is reduced by this percentage. 0 Disables.
zombie_balancer_health_ratio 0

// The ratio of players whom must be a zombie to start reducing new Zombies health. So when this percentage of the server is a zombie, new zombies health is reduced by the percentage of zombie_balancer_health_ratio.
zombie_balancer_player_ratio 0

// If this is 1, zombie_balancer_player_ratio is the ratio of players who must be zombies before health is decreased. Otherwise, zombie_balancer_player_ratio is the count of Zombies ex:6.
zombie_balancer_type 1

// This is the minimum health you want Zombies to ever end up with while using the balancer.
zombie_balancer_min_health 100

// When 1 sends a custom message to a zombie every time they zombify someone displaying their current health, when 2 it uses HintText.
zombie_show_health 1

// This is the time between health regeneration for zombies. 0 disables.
zombie_regen_timer 5

// Amount of health to regen every health regen.
zombie_regen_health 50

// *EXPERIMENTAL* Amount of zombies to spawn at round_start, 0 for regular method. Defaults to ( player count - 2 ) if the total amount of players is less than this value.
zombie_count 1

// *EXPERIMENTAL* Minimum number of random zombies. Overrides zombie_count. Defaults to ( player count - 2 ) if the total amount of players is less than the resulting value. 0 or greater than max disables.
zombie_count_min 2

// *EXPERIMENTAL* Maximum number of random zombies. Overrides zombie_count. Defaults to ( player count - 2 ) if the total amount of players is less than the resulting value. 0 or less than min disables.
zombie_count_max 4

// Type of double health to give first zombie(s):
// 0 disable double health (also applies if zombie_count is 0 or 1
// 1 first chosen gets double health
// 2 all first zombies get double health.
zombie_count_doublehp 1

// When enabled will teleport first zombie back to spawn.
zombie_first_zombie_tele 0

// When enabled grenades do damage times this number. 1 disables
zombie_grenade_damage_multiplier 2.5

// When enabled grenades have knockback times this number. 1 disables.
zombie_grenade_knockback_multiplier 2.0

// How much health to give zombies as a bonus for zombification. 0 disables.
zombie_health_bonus 50

// When 0 and classes are disabled zombies receive no damage from falling.
zombie_falldamage 1.0

// *****************************************************************************
// *****************************************************************************

// If enabled, zombies who are killed respawn as a human after zombie_respawn_delay seconds.
zombie_respawn 1

// Time before players are respawned in autorespawn mode.
zombie_respawn_delay 1

// If enabled, players are protected for this amount of time after they respawn.
zombie_respawn_protection 2

// If enabled, when players spawn in they respawn as a Zombie.
zombie_respawn_as_zombie 1

// If enabled, allows players to spawn in once when they join regardless of zombie_respawn value.
zombie_respawn_onconnect 1

// If enabled, the first time a player spawns in they will be spawned as a zombie. This removes the clients ability to 'retry' and spawn as a human.
zombie_respawn_onconnect_as_zombie 1

// Primary weapon to give players who spawn after round start
zombie_respawn_primary "weapon_tmp"

// Secondary weapon to give players who spawn after round start.
zombie_respawn_secondary "weapon_usp"

// When enabled, gives players a frag grenade once their protection ends.
zombie_respawn_grenades 1.0

// Comma delimited string to ignore weapon slots when dropping weapons after respawn. Example: 2,3
// Ignored if zombie_respawn_dropweapons is 0.

zombie_respawn_dontdrop_indexes "1,3"

// When enabled ZombieMod will drop the players weapons before giving new weapons.
zombie_respawn_dropweapons 1.0

// *****************************************************************************
// *****************************************************************************

// When enabled, uses different zombie classes as defined in zombie_classes.cfg
zombie_classes 0

// If enabled saves players class selections to a file on map change and reloads it the next time the server starts. Also server command zombie_writeclasses.
zombie_save_classlist 1.0

// Percentage of specified health to give zombie classes. Usefull for balancing maps. Only applies when zombie classes are enabled.
zombie_health_percent 100

// Percentage of specified speed to give zombie classes. Usefull for balancing maps. Only applies when zombie classes are enabled.
zombie_speed_percent 100

// Percentage of specified jump height to give zombie classes. Usefull for balancing maps. Only applies when zombie classes are enabled.
zombie_jump_height_percent 100

// Percentage of specified knockback to give zombie classes. Usefull for balancing maps. Only applies when zombie classes are enabled.
zombie_knockback_percent 100

// When 1, random class chosen each time a zombie dies. When 2, random zombie chosen each time a player connects. When 3 uses same behaviour as 1 but until player choses class themselves.
zombie_classes_random 0.0

// The url to direct people to when they enter !zclasses in chat. (check addons/zombiemod/php/zombie_classes.php for information on how the page is created.)
zombie_class_url ""

// *****************************************************************************
// *****************************************************************************

// Enables the JetPack for Zombies.
zombie_jetpack 0

// Enables the JetPack for Humans.
humans_jetpack 0

// Amount of seconds zombies are allowed to use the JetPack in one round.
zombie_jetpack_timer 6

// *****************************************************************************
// *****************************************************************************

// Space separated list of guns that are restricted during zombie mode. Takes effect immediately on change.
// Can be any combination of the following
// all - All weapons
// equip - Equipment
// pistol - All pistols
// shotgun - All shotguns.6
// smg - All SMG's
// rifles - All rifles.
// sniper - All sniper rifles.
// Or each weapons short name. Ex: famas, awp, mac etc etc.
zombie_restrictions "flash"

// If enabled, ammo is set to 1000 clip.
zombie_unlimited_ammo 0

// String to use for zombie's weapon.
zombie_weapon "zombie_claws_of_death"

// When enabled zombiemod will delete any weapons a player drops when they are zombified.
zombie_delete_dropped_weapons 1.0

// When this is enabled it allows you to pick up any weapon on the map but will still not allow you to buy them.
zombie_allow_picked_up_weapons 1.0

// Enable or disable the buy menu, supports /map directories.
zombie_buymenu 1

// When enabled players can only receive weapons from buy menu while in a buy zone.
zombie_buymenu_zone_only 1.0

// Enable or disable the buy menu at round start.
zombie_buymenu_roundstart 1.0

// Enable or disable the buy menu timelimit, when enabled players can only buy weapons during mp_buytime.
zombie_buymenu_timelimit 0.0

// *****************************************************************************
// *****************************************************************************

// Number of times a player can use !ztele per round.
zombie_teleportcount 3

// When enabled only allows !ztele to be used by zombies.
zombie_teleport_zombies_only 1

// *****************************************************************************
// *****************************************************************************

// File with list of models to use for zombie mod.
// If headless models are enabled, each model must have a _head and a _hs counterpart.
// ZombieMod will detect the heads automatically so both types of models may be used together.
zombie_model_file "cfg/zombiemod/models.cfg"

// File with list of materials. Clients download everything in this list when they connect.
zombie_download_file "cfg/zombiemod/downloads.cfg"

// If this is in your config.cfg ZombieMod attempts to auto load itself at first round_start.
zombie_startup 1

// When enabled, shows an icon in the top right corner of a players screen when someone gets turned into a zombie. (Thanks LDuke)
// It also logs a player_death event using zombie_claws_of_death as the weapon name.
// If you are a plugin developer, you should check for this weapon in FireEvent.
// The actual Event_Dying and Event_Killed events are not fired and the player is not dead.
zombie_notices 1

// Delay in seconds after a player joins a server to send the welcome message. 0 to disable.
zombie_welcome_delay 2

// The text to send to new players.
zombie_welcome_text "[ZOMBIE] This server is using the ZombieMod Server Plugin. Type !zhelp in chat for help.\nGet it at"

// The url to direct people to when they enter !zhelp in chat.
// (check addons/zombiemod/php/zombie_help.php for information on how the page is created.)
zombie_help_url ""

// The file to use for end_round overlay, set blank to disable. If file names are 1024_zombies and 1024_humans this setting should be 1024. The _zombies and _humans must be there.
zombie_end_round_overlay 1024

// Language file to use, it must exist in /cfg/zombiemod/language
zombie_language_file "english.cfg"

// Error string to give when missing language key values.
zombie_language_error "*** %s not found in language file ***"

// When enabled, ZombieMod will use the scoreboard to display which players are a zombie and which are humans.
// The CT team shows the humans and the T team shows the Zombies.
// On round_end everyone is randomly placed onto either team to allow for buying at the start of the next round.
// The teams are not changed again until the first Zombie is chosen and then everyone else is moved to the CT team.
zombie_teams 1

// The radius around a players location to check for other players on Zombification.
zombie_stuckcheck_radius 35

// If enabled keeps tracks of damage that players do to zombies and shows them a list on round end or zombification.
zombie_damagelist 1

// Length of time to display damage list. -1 is forever.
zombie_damagelist_time -1

// Percent of players needed to kickstart zombie selection - 0 disables.
zombie_kickstart_percent 70

// Time in seconds that kickstart is enabled after first vote.
zombie_kickstart_timer 120

// Global time in seconds interval between votes.
zombie_vote_interval 60

// When enabled it will call the random zombie functionality as if it was round start when the last living zombie disconnects.
zombie_disconnect_protection 1.0

// When enabled forces round end at mp_roundtime -4 seconds.
zombie_force_endround 1.0

// *****************************************************************************
// *****************************************************************************

// Makes maps very dark if enabled. If disabled, the map doesn't have to be reloaded to start zombiemode.
zombie_dark 0

// When enabled, over-rides fog for all maps with a predefined Zombie-Fog.
zombie_fog 0

// When enabled, over-rides the sky for all maps so it corresponds with the fog.
zombie_fog_sky 0

// Primary fog colour.
zombie_fog_colour "176 192 202"

// Secondary fog colour.
zombie_fog_colour2 "206 216 222"

// How close to a players Point-Of-View fog is rendered.
zombie_fog_start 30

// How far from a players Point-Of-View that fog stops rendering.
zombie_fog_end 4000

// Enables fog blending between colours.
zombie_fog_blend 1

// Enables the cool smoke effect seen by all players when zombies are turned.
zombie_effect 1

// Enable screen shake on zombification.
zombie_shake 1

// The material to use for the sky.
// This material should have four vmt files located in materials/skybox.
// Their naming scheme is as follows..
zombie_fog_sky_material "zombie_sky"

// When enabled uses a nice dissolve effect on ragdools.
zombie_dissolve_corpse 1.0

// Delay before dissolve effect on zombies.
zombie_dissolve_corpse_delay 1.0

// *****************************************************************************
// *****************************************************************************

// Field of vision of the zombies. Normal human FOV is 90.
zombie_fov 90

// Material to use for zombie_vision, located in vgui/hud/zombiemod/. If blank zombie_vision will be disabled. zombie_vision is also included with the release add it to downloads.cfg aswell as changing here if you want to use it.
zombie_vision_material ""

// Amount of red saturation to use for zombie vision.
zombie_vision_r 0

// Amount of green saturation to use for zombie vision.
zombie_vision_g 0

// Amount of blue saturation to use for zombie vision.
zombie_vision_b 0

// Alpha colour to use for zombie vision.
zombie_vision_a 0

// Time in seconds between checks to se if zombie_vision is still enabled on a client. If you notice it disabling often try reducing this number.
zombie_vision_timer 20

// *****************************************************************************
// *****************************************************************************

// If enabled, zombies can only voice with zombies and humans with humans.
zombie_talk 0

// When enabled, disables players from suiciding.
zombie_suicide 1

// When enabled, disables players from suiciding by switching teams.
zombie_changeteam_block 1

// Text for suiciding assholes.
zombie_suicide_text "You cannot do that!"

// Amount of extra frags awarded for killing a zombie.
// 1 kill is awarded regardless, but some people feel that when health is as high as it is, more kills should be awarded.
// So, if this is 0, 1 kill is awarded.
// If it is 1, 2 kills are awarded, and so on,
zombie_kill_bonus 0

// Enables/Disabled the zstuck player command.
zombie_zstuck_enabled 1

// When 1 sends a custom message to the attacker every time they hurt someone displaying the victims current health, when 2 it uses HintText.
zombie_show_attacker_health 1.0

// *****************************************************************************
// *****************************************************************************

// When 0 zombiemod only gives the cash cvar cash values for events as specified, when it's 1 it does what pre 2.0 Q did (16000 start), otherwise the value you specify.
zombie_startmoney 16000

// The amount of cash to give a player that kills a zombie that's on their own team - i.e. what the server takes for tks.
zombie_tk_money 0

// Amount of extra cash to give players that kill zombies (additional to 300 css default).
zombie_kill_money 1000

// Amount of extra cash to give zombies that zombify a human.
zombie_zombie_money 500

// *****************************************************************************
// *****************************************************************************

// When enabled, all players hear 'undead ambient sounds'.
zombie_undead_sound_enabled 1

// Can be used to higher or lower the volume of the sound played.
zombie_undead_sound_volume 0.7

// The sound to play to players, is precached and added to the client download list automatically.
zombie_undead_sound "ambient/zombiemod/zombie_ambient.mp3"

// A comma delimited string of maps with wich not to use zombie_undead_sound.
zombie_undead_sound_exclusions "de_aztec"

// Server settings

sv_turbophysics 1
phys_pushscale 3
Maybe fps_max 0 is affecting the server. What's your windows system setup information? Trying to run a 1000fps server? Let's just see what others think.
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Do you have meta mod installed?

If not, Metamod is REQUIRED for source mod.
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you dont put the zombiemod.cfg listings IN the server.cfg you need to use the one located in cfg/zombiemod/
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The error he is getting in his console is similar to cases when users don't install es_tools for an event scripts addons.

Make sure to list ALL addons that you are using... Even ones that don't involve zombiemod.
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Not sure if this is 100% correct, but I do remember that that these two cvars should be configured as follows whenever using EventScripts.
sv_pure 0 or 1
sv_consistency 0

If this does not solve the problem, then I suggest you start taking out plugins and doing them one by one to test which plugin is going wrong. Hopefully if you can start taking updated versions of the scripts and installing them one by one will prevent this issue.
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