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how do u do this. Can some one plz give me an example of theres plz.
eg How do u set admins at certain levels, like
low admin powers
medium admin powers
high admin powers
Full admin powers
somthing like that.
Cutloose Big Grin

Cutloose Big Grin
Do you mean through mani admin or just rcon i know how you do it in mani you just add thier Steam Id to adminlist.txt and put the options next to thier name but i dont know how you would do it otherwise. There may be a simmilar thing for rcon.
The new versions don't have adminlist or admingroups.

So the new questions are;

1. How do we define different groups now?
My clan I made has ranks (Private to General)
For the officer ranks I wanted to define them so they can have different specific admin powers.

2. Then after the groups are set up, how do you set people to those groups?

The old tutorial:

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