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Renting Servers to a few Clients w/ Perks
Hey Guys,

I have a machine that I built last year and colocated for starting a GSP. I never went through with the company, but I have kept the machine up and have rented out servers to friends and clients of my coding business. Anyways, with the economy the way it is, some of them have decided to give up hosting servers, so I decided to offer server hosting to a few people here if anyone is interested. The main reason being, you will have no worries of the machine being overloaded as I am really just trying not to let it go to waste in the DC. I don't mind working out a price that will fit within a budget (I am not offering .99 cent/slot though, so don't waste mine/your time if your looking for cheap hosting).

Machine Specs
Dual Quad Nehalem 5520 (8 cores, 16 virtual)
12GB DDR3 Ram
320GB HDDs Raid 1
Windows Server 2008
100 Mbit Port (Internap Bandwidth)

I have TCAdmin running, and WHMCS to make payment easier. I would like to rent maybe 5-6 servers out to experienced admins (you don't need to know a lot, but I would prefer everyone be fairly self sufficient). I can always be reached by phone, e-mail, steam, etc. which is available to anyone who rents a server from me.

On a side note, some of the perks I can offer as well is wholesale Ventrilo/Mohawk servers (wholesale is .18 cents per slot) as I bought a reseller package a while back and kept it. I make no profit from the voice servers, so you will save a little money there. I can also offer free web space for fast download URL or whatever you would need to use it for. Lastly, I have no problem helping with setting up mods, or fixing some code if need be.

If anyone is interested please feel free to respond here, or PM me.
Hey Crimson

Quick question
What would you take for
2xGarrys Mod : one 10 and one 20
1xCS:S : 32
1xSourceForts : 20 slots
Also a TS3, got a community license for my self. but will only be activeley using around 10-20 slots i think.

Also hosting of a Invasion power board (php, mysql)
I sent you a PM regarding this with a few questions about specifications.

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