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[UK]Gamer Creation - 25% Off Launch
Join me in welcoming Gamer Creation, a UK company to the scene. We are fully committed to providing the best possible gaming experience to any size clan or community.

Having experience ranging from 02 to 04 we have been around for quite some time playing competitively as well as casually on most games. Because of this we are able to provide the best possible service with deals tailored to suit your gaming needs.

All of our servers are hosted on the latest dell hardware boasting dual quad cores as well as a perfect gaming network to provide you with the best possible performance.

To celebrate our launch and purchase a server at 25% off your first month use the following code; 25off when purchasing. All major games are setup instantly outside peak times.

If you intend to buy any more than one server, please jump on the live chat and we can tailor a deal to suit you.

Main Website:
Billing & Support:
Jamie Brunton, Gamer Creation
Gamer Creation - For Gamers By Gamers
Twitter: Gamer Creation

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