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FPSGS LIVE! - 15-25% Discount!
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Hello again and welcome to the new face of FPS Gaming Solutions. As you can see, we have re-designed almost every aspect of this company, from our new branding logo to this wonderful website by MAD e-Media. As expected, we will be hosting several special packages, the first of which being this:

25% off the first billing month -or- 15% recurring monthly discounts!

25% OFF 1st month = FPSGS25
15% OFF Recurring = FPSGSLIVE

To spearhead our launch, let me run down a few changes we have made since our brief hiatus.

* Fully Automated TCA/WHMCS Installer - This allows us to offer INSTANT setups for all of our clients, whether it be a CS:S 1000FPS competition server or a CoD4 public server. You can be assured that as soon as you pay in the billing system, your server will begin installing.
* Pro-rated Billing System - This allows us to collect bills from every client on the same day of every month. This allows us to provide more to the outlaying community with giveaways and prizes because we will have a strict idea of monthly budget allocations.
* Public Server Monitoring - We want you to see what we do - there is no doubt about it. That is why it is our pledge to you to see almost all hosting aspects of our company. We have live server monitors that display both the status of the physical system and its Operating System but also the status of each and every game server that is hosted on it. Do you have a fear that your private server may be getting stacked on a system? Now we can offer you the assurance that it is not.

That being said, we have four main panels right now and are actively working to integrate them into a single login.

Game Hosting -
Billing -
Affiliates -
Support -

FPSGS is also actively looking for sales staff. We can offer you great incentives and bonuses as a salesman for this company - please see a staff information post on the forums for more information.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Contact us!


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