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Need advice for webhosting...
I plan on becoming a seller of webhosting(dedicated server and everything). What would be a good place to start?

What control panel and billing panel do you guys recommend?

Also I want to minimize costs as much as possible. I want something thats bang for the buck.

Any recommendations on anything in general about it?

I appreciate the help. Smile

Server specs :
Quad core Xeon X3430 @ 2.4ghz
2 Gigs of ram.
320 gigs of HDD space.
100mbps connection.

My skills:
I have worked with BIND, apache2, mysql ect. I have worked with a lot of CentOS and a little bit with redhat and ubuntu. No mail server experience though. Sad
Bump. advice...?
Well, If you choose to host on windows, you can use dotnetpanel, works great and have a build in billing system/panel.
Its an idea, but I would rather stick to linux cause I understand it better.
Well for linux only: should be just good
Yeah I was thinking of cpanel, it just costs a ton of money. X_x
Cpanel and WHMCS is a great combo.
Ryan White
Owner & CEO
Yeah, from what I heard. What about direct admin? Anyone ever use that?
Have not heard much of it. 90% of host use Cpanel and WHMCS or custom billing panels.
Ryan White
Owner & CEO
Alrighty. That sounds like a plan. Thank you everyone for the help. Big Grin

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