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Community Sponsorship (!HELP WANTED!)

Hello and welcome to newly formed FPS Gaming Community. We strive to offer the best gaming experience for every player while maintaining an older, mature environment through community-based interaction. We play and host servers for all sorts of games, including but not limited to Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 2, Call of Duty 4, and Counter-Strike: Source and growing. While we sure aren't the biggest community on the internet, we pride ourselves with our collection of core veteran members, some of which have been with us for 5 or 6 years.

What is FPS Gaming In Short?



The Community fuels the Servers >< the Servers fuel the Community!

We are looking to provide a home for random public gamers that visit our servers, community members & teams and anyone interested in a great environment to enjoy your gaming experience. From ages 15 to 55+ once again we stress a mature setting. This is an public community and your competition, game rank or total skill level is not going to matter. We are trying to develop the proper structure to make sure we everyone is included.

FPSGS Community

By joining our FREE community, you can enjoy the following:

-Unlimited forum access that includes private reviews, demos, screenshots, and in depth discussion topics.
-Access to Public and Private ventrilo channels
-Priority access to all FPSGS Community game servers
-GIVEAWAYS! Chances to win servers and hardware every month for all types of ways. (FPSGS Giveaways)

The more we grow - the larger our sponsors. 5 to 10 + Teams dedicated to making the community grow!

FPSGS Community Sponsored Teams WANTED


We are looking for key staff members and sponsored teams to take positions in our growing community. Unlike other communities, where one man's word is law, we strive to use forms based off of a democratic republic government. The positions we support follow the sponsorship information:

If chosen by our community,we will fully sponsor public teams with the following:
-FREE Game Servers (Ranked/Public/Private)
-FREE Ventrilo Channels (
-Free Webhosting with CUSTOM template, including MAD e-Media Gaming CMS (
-Free Private access to the FPSGS Archives, including special perks only for sponsored teams.
-Other Future Resources once commitment from individual team effort.

We only require the following:
-MUST be a growing community / team with 15-20++ active members.
-MUST be accustomed to a mature and adult-oriented environment while still able to enjoy the games to the fullest.
-MUST be your own team or "entity" - no multigaming teams will be considered without through research behind the originality of your teams.

Please email with interests in community-based team sponsorships. Please use the subject line: Community Sponsorship Application.

Community Positions - STAFF WANTED

Founder and CEO - Founder and Executive Officer for the company.
Positions Available: 0

Senior Officers - If for some reason the CEO is unavailable, these senior officers act in his place and also act as head of the Council.
Positions Available: 2

Community Council - The basic organization that forms the community. These "coucil members" solve problems by voting on what is best for the community as a whole. These members act as bridges from the public to the administrative and senior staff of the FPSGS community. Have a problem? Bring it up with a council member and he will mention it during a daily or weekly meeting.
Positions Available: 8

Division Leaders - One or two division leaders will be put in charge of a game for the FPSGS community. The tasks associated with division leaders include organizing weekly, biweekly, or monthly events and general TCOB.
Positions Available: 5

Head Server Administrators - Several server admins will be available for support in each game server we provide. These administrators will be in charge of distributing administrative privledges to other users, editing and adding different public mods and maps, and general server upkeep. Knowledge of game engines / multiplayer is a must. Abuse will not be tolerated and will be dealt with case-by-case.
Positions Available: 1-2 per game server

Other Positions

Moderators - These members will be responsible for keeping an eye on our public forums. Moderators ("mods") will have access to edit or remove a post per FPSGS's Acceptable Use Policy. Mod positions are a good way to work your way up the community ladder.

Team Leaders - Owners and Leaders of our respected gaming teams will have administrative access to their respective game's public servers.

Team Members - Along with their leader, members will have special access to the FPSGS Sponsorship section that includes discounts on software, hardware, and upcoming game releases.

Server Admins - Game or voice, public or event.. we need admins!

If interested, please (if applicable) send resumes or relevant information to Please use the subject line: Community Staff Application.

Remember, this is completely free for all users to take advantage of. We at FPSGS ask for nothing in return except for the enjoyment of gaming on our community servers. Want a game server hosted? Show us that it is a popular enough idea and we will provide it! We have a great group of players here as a framework of our community and we'd love to here from everybody.

For more information about our company and/or network sponsors, please visit the following:

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[Image: ad300x250%20copy.jpg]
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