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  • 5 WYD_RCON not working CS:Source \ Udp Connection
I apologise for the English.
The problem consists that I would like to use WYD_RCON for Counter-Strike: Source!
For me it turns out help nothing to a beginner d

Here initial Project: wyd_rcon

Works only on COD 4 and CS 1.6 (((

Very much it would be desirable that worked in CS Source
Are you trying to Rcon to a Counter-Strike:Source server with If so use this:
Thanks for the program

And it is possible to find same programs, but not cantilever, and here such variant:
[Image: CSRcon.GIF]

Also it would be desirable to make C# convert!
You want such a program in and not C# right?

Can't help your there.
Instant VB – C# to VB Converter

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