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Alliance of Undead Knights
Hello,we are a unique gaming clan that plays primarily on Counter-Strike: Source. We are a mature, fair, and fun gaming community that is actively seeking new membership.

We structure ourselves smartly, and in an organized fashion. We believe organization is a key element to leading a successful gaming clan, or community of any kind.

We are in possession of (8) gameservers, and we even run our own clan controlled internet radio station.


- Must be 16 years of age or older
- Must be mature in nature
- Must be willing to abide by Clan Regulations and Server Rules
- Must be willing to make a committment to the clan
- Must be willing to remain active

This is an adult oriented gaming community, we recruit mature individuals, and we have alot of fun. We aren't an overly strict clan, but we do have guidelines we expect all of our members to abide by, promote, and enforce.

Clan in Current Standing:

Zombiemod Server
Zombieriot Server
Gungame Server
Minigames Server
Surf Server
Pub/WCS Server
L4D2 Public Server
DODS Server
Private Admin Ventrilo Server
Clan Controlled Internet Radio Station
Full functioning Website & Forums
Youtube channel

Website: (new website coming soon)

If you would like to join the Alliance of Undead Knights, please visit the above link. Register an account for our forums, and submit an application. You are not gaurenteed membership. Once you have submitted an application, you will be placed in our Recruit Trial Period program, where you will be monitored based on behavior, maturity, activity, etc. This is to ensure we are recruiting the proper gamers.

I hope to see many applications from you steam gamers out there, peace out.
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