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MAD-EMEDIA - GIVEAWAY- Templates and Hosting ($350.00+ Value)
MAD-EMEDIA is still here and looking to grow even more. We have many new updates coming out and services upgrades. We are ready for another giveaway for the community that loves us sooo much! Or soon to love us more!

This Month of February we are going to do A
$350.00 in total services GIVEAWAY!

PRIZES ($350.00 Value Total)
4 x Premium Template Packages
(6 Months Hosting)

VALUE = $200.00 +

5 x Starter Hosting With Free Templates
(3 Months Hosting)

Value = $100.00 +

10 x Branded Templates
(Free for life of activity)

Value = $50.00

PREVIEW/PACKAGE DETAILS (Premium) ($50.00 Starting) (Hosting) ($6.99 Monthly Starting) (Branded) ($5.00 Setup Fee)


SIGN UPS: July 21th to August 31s

[Image: ad300x250%20copy.jpg]

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