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how to get VAC 2 on CSS Server ?
Hello together.

This is my first post so it may be the wrong section for this question.

I am through the tutorial and my server is running fine but i recognized that VAC 2 isnt activated or isnt installed. (You dont see the little shield icon in the serverbrowser) So i asked myself : How to activate it but till now i couldnt find the right answer.

can you help me ?
btw : if it helps here is the IP :
if you look on the master server list.. there are VERY few secure servers... im pretty sure this is due to the update released today... without really any user input. so just keep an eye on other servers i guess.. and see when more start to be secured. and restart your server. thats about the only thing i can offer as of now.. unless valve screwed that up, then it might not work until they fix it.
you don't have to do anything to enable VAC as it is on by default

to disable it, put -insecure in the command line
hmmm well... ok thanks guys !
actually almost all servers are secured, they just are secured with VAC BETA (you can see the announcement "This server is VAC Secured")

i think the new update shows VAC2, not the BETA, have no idea if i'm totally correct but i think its because of this. Your server is secured, you just cant see it in the master list.
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