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Lithium Gaming Solutions
100tick Public - $.50 / slot!
  • 100tick Servers
  • Public
  • High Quality
  • Test Servers
  • Full TCAdmin/FTP
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • 50 Cents per Slot!!
We can guarantee you will be happy with your servers quality and uptime! Ask any of our customers, and they will be happy to tell you they not only like their servers, but they LOVE the support they get!

*Use the coupon code "SRCDS25" to get 25% off your order!
I wonder where you got gaming solutions from?
[Image: ad300x250%20copy.jpg]
Do you think your partners at FPSGS were the first ones to use "gaming solutions"? It's a pretty common name in the industry for services offered.

Nothing against FPSGS, I was a happy customer of them for awhile.
There's actually a website called, so yea...
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