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Domains for sale.
Hello everyone,

I have 6 domains for sale as I do not have time to develop them. - expires 27-Nov-2010 registered 27-Nov-2008 - expires 18-Dec-2010 registered 18-Dec-2008 - expires 10-Oct-2010 registered 10-Oct-2009 - expires 21-Nov-2010 registered 21-Nov-2009 - expires 23-Jun-2010 registered 23-Jun-2008 - expires 16-Oct-2010 registered 16-Oct-2009

Make and offer and I will say yes or no simple as that. They can be transfered to any register(at your expense) but free push to your account if it is the same one.
~ trewq
Ok, If someone contacts me within the next 24 hours they can have them all for $300 USD(its basicly and that bump up the price) or you can have all of them apart from and for $130
~ trewq

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