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[W.I.P] All in one server application
So, i have over the time made quite a few different application, but also found quite a large lack of application to manage your server. There for I have decided to start working on my largest Game relates project to date.

This thread is just so I can get some feedback, and if any one got some suggestions they are welcome too.

As the title says it will be a "All in one server application"


Diagnostics Module
  • External Port Checker
  • Command Line Analyzer
  • Console start Analyzer
  • Bandwidth measurement
  • Player/rate calculation
  • Output as BBCode/XML

Administration Tools
  • Rcon Application
  • Log Analyzer
  • Ban file manager

Game Server Tools
  • HLDS Update GUI
  • Config Creator
  • Automatic Port Forwarder
  • Banner Creator*
  • Game Server Monitor*
  • Web Panel for the Game Server Monitor*
    Inspired by ServerChecker

* Means it can/will run as a Service

The application will be made in .NET and will only work on Windows.
"Web Panel for the Game Server Monitor" can you specify that? In more details.
(01-09-2010, 07:39 AM)realchamp Wrote:  "Web Panel for the Game Server Monitor" can you specify that? In more details.

Basic Web Panel

Maybe a tiny file editor.
That sort of thing.
Looks good! Keep it going~
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(01-14-2010, 08:36 AM)Rog1121 Wrote:  cant someone make one in php that works with a linux webserver?

What has php todo with any thing?
Well this is a application, so there will be no need for a Web Server. But the application will still only work on Windows.
[Image: Sort_of_want.jpg]
I'll seriously consider getting it.
[Image: bobafet.png]
Not sure when it will be done, I put it on hold atm.
nice work, is it out? or still working on it??
Nah stopped working on it.

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