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Webinterface for rcon
Has that been made? I'm talking about maybe a perlscript or so that can be made accesible from a webpage with username/passwords for admins at a certain server.
Aim/goal is to run a server without any addons/mods, a pure server, administrable via a webpage. Would also be nice with backwards compability to hlds.

Has this been made? Ever?
There have been a lot made.

PHPrcon -

PHPAdmin -

SwatAdmin -

CSSource Admin -

There are also ones you have to pay for.

GameCP -

Game Panel -

edit: Im not sure about perlscript, these are all MySQL and PHP based ones.
Thanks a lot! These look very nice, PHPAdmin in particular. PHPrcon has been tried and tested, it's very limited, and very outdated Sad

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