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[COLLECTION] PHP stuff for game servers!
(05-27-2010, 05:11 PM)realchamp Wrote:  Well the server is still running. But you could check werether if the amount of players is above 0. But if it is running and still working, it will show as offline.

Hmm thats it possible to add some sort of ping check in php? The server shows as timed out in HLSW/Steam server browser when the console is frozen but still open, and it doesn't respond to ping.
Yeh you could probably do it that way. Which actually would work and it should!
So basically I need to make a php class like yours, but querying A2A_Ping instead of A2S_info?
I only gets error..
Something like this...

hostname: Notice: Undefined index: name in \\WEBSTORAGE\STORAGE_CONTENT\97\123797\\public_html\index.php on line 51
players: Notice: Undefined index: players in \\WEBSTORAGE\STORAGE_CONTENT\97\123797\\public_html\index.php on line 53
playersmax: Notice: Undefined index: playersmax in \\WEBSTORAGE\STORAGE_CONTENT\97\123797\\public_html\index.php on line 55
vac(?): Notice: Undefined index: vac in \\WEBSTORAGE\STORAGE_CONTENT\97\123797\\public_html\index.php on line 57
passowrd(?): Notice: Undefined index: password in \\WEBSTORAGE\STORAGE_CONTENT\97\123797\\public_html\index.php on line 59
And my website gots open ports...

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