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hello would u plz tell me how i put admin on my sever dedicated sever 4 cs i dont mean rcon comand i mean full admin and how do u like put rank and top 5 on there and time left wen u press them in nouthing happens what i do plz i reallyu want to no this
full admin, rank, top 5, and timeleft are all parts of plugins. You need to install a plugin to get this features. Some plugins are:

Mani -


Nemod -

Here is a forum full of different plugins available -
I have found Mani to be the simplest to set up and use, however Nemod is good too.
yes.. i say use mani... i haven't used any other plugin.. but i lookd into it, and found that they are really do the same type of thing.. and mani seems to be way easier to set up.. all the cfg is .txt files.. other then the main mani_server.cfg but that can be opend just the same as a txt file. so exspecially if you don't know too much about all this.. i would probly say mani.
Mani is easy to setup, but it comes with too many options that you dont need. NemoD on the other hand, is a little trickier to setup, but it has just the right amount of options.
o me agen rite i went on the web sites to downlad them i downladed admin stuf i got it in a folder but how to i use it on on source dedecated sever coz its just in a folder on my screen plz help ????
To use it, you have to modify one or some of the files included with the mod. With nemod, open the admins.cfg and edit it so you will be an admin. If you dont know how to edit it, there is a readme file that explains how to. Once your an admin, you need to bind a key to "menu" for Nemod, or "admin" for Mani. That will allow you to open an admin menu ingame!

thats the documentation for mani.. it will tell you where to put the files, how to set up admin.. adverts, everything...
hello agen how i get mod tho?????
what do you mean how do you get it?! you download it from the site.. and copy the files to the directorys it says to..
Download from the front of the site... or use this link for a full install of a CS:S plugin:

All the files and file structure are in that zip file.

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