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SleekServers.Com - Quad Core Lynnfield Only $129
Available in our Kansas City data center...

Intel Xeon X3430 (Lynnfield 2.4Ghz Quad Core 8MB Cache)
4GB DDR3 RAM ( With Promotion code "SRCDS2GBRAM" )
160GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive
100mbps up / down
1.5TB Bandwidth Level3 / Cogent / nLayer
Preloaded with CentOS ( Windows Available )
For $129 per Month

Additional DDR3 RAM for $5 per Month per GB.
Upgrade to 500GB Hard Drive for $10 per month
Additional Bandwidth for $20 per TB
Windows 2003 or 2008 Standard for $25 per month.

Order at

Use Promotion Code "SRCDS2GBRAM" to add 2 free GB of RAM to the X3430 server.
Looking for a game server? Visit and pick one up as low as $2.50 / mo!

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