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If you know PHP, please Read!
Hello! Me and my small group of coders are working on a system for large communities to manage admins using phpBB forums. This will be released Open-Source on Alliedmodders forums under the name, SourceBB.

I am looking for someone who knows PHP who could possibly help, as I do not know very much, and our main PHP coder has gotten fairly busy. We have some code done, so all we would need is someone to look at it and finish it up.

Please send me a PM over this site, or add me to Steam if you are interested in helping. Please keep in mind we don't have the means to offer any type of payment, but you will receive full credit for your work put towards the project!
I can help you beaver Toungue

Mind sending that code agian posted on pastebin? I forgot where I've putted my file. And eventually anything else, I am willing to help :-)
I can do the SourceMod side of things if you want.
~ trewq
Excellent! Thanks so much you guys Big Grin
No problem Bæver Toungue

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