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max 2008 at 500fps/2ms
windows 2008 has the capabilities to reach 1000fps (1ms), 2003 can't go over 500fps (2ms). i only have access to win 2008 but i dont want it going over 500fps (2ms), does anyone know how i can keep 2008 at 2ms only? maybe a custom booster program? i know disabling hpet can do this but my bios doesnt have the option.

my goal in this is i think keeping it at 2ms and not 1ms will make the game servers use slightly less.

becaue even if you set fps_max to 550 and then compare the cpu usage of it on a win2008 to a win2003, the win2008 will use more resources because its on a 1ms system. i think atleast? that is how it behaves in linux from my experience.
If you limit the server to a certain FPS it will also use the resources to go with that FPS.
You can see that on every system, 512FPS (max default on non-HPET) will use much more than a limited 250FPS server which is also running on the system capable of 512FPS.

What you can do if you really want it to be limited on 512FPS is disable HPET in the BIOS (if accessible) an it shouldn't be possible to cross 512FPS anymore.
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