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GMod server issue.

I've recently set up a 10 slots dedicated server on GMod to the popular demand of my community. Issue is, I have no experience in running GMod servers. The two TF2 servers are running fine though.

I've managed to set up a basic server with basic modifications (like ULX, wire, spacebuild, etc.) but I haven't been able to resolve the high ping.

Everyone has over 140 ping and I myself tend to have 230 although the server is geographically near everyone.

Clearing all the props doesn't fix it, it isn't relative to the number of players either.

Any suggestions would be heartily appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
If the server is EMPTY (nor props, no nothing) and the ping is still high it's related to the servers bandwidth or in some cases of moving physics (happens a lot in GMod obviously and especially big ships in spacebuild) CPU usage.
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Rename your addons folder in the servers directory, restart it. and then see if your ping is still 130+.

But Drocona is right, in general Gmod is a lagger... Especially spacebuild.
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