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Free Fast Download Hosting
Hi all, I would like to offer a free fast download service to the Srcds Community. Why you may ask? After a few years of hosting and running many different Srcds based servers and receiving help from many members over the years I would like to give back to the community in one of the best ways I can. I know I don’t have a huge post count but I have been a reader of these forums for quite some time.

Anybody who is not making a profit from their server(s).

I will provide:
• FTP Account for my server
• URL that links to your FTP account
• Space, Starting with 5gb of Space, Can expand.

What you will need:
• FTP Client, Recommend Filezilla or SmartFTP
• Knowledge of how to use fast download’s with your server. (
• A running functioning server =)

• Be respectful of what you upload. No copyrighted files (Games, Albums, Porn)
• Try and Bzip2 everything you can, helps both me and you.

• My Server is located in Richmond BC
• Sample Download File. (50MB Dummy File) Here
• Dedicated 24/7 Server

How to Apply:
Contact me at

Be Sure to include a name, your server/servers/plans for servers, and if you have one a link to your community/clan and I will get back to you Asap.

Please feel free to ask any questions =)

(ps, hopefully this is the right spot)
This is pretty awesome, but how about this. Instead of having multiple accounts, why don't you just get all the maps and stuff that you can for fast download and host a massive map server. I think that would be very effective.
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