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[Paid Request] Optimal Server Config for LagFree
There are so many guides and I've been reading them over and over again but still couldn't understand at least half of the content.

I have a ZombieMod server allowing 50 players.

I am looking for someone who is expert in configuring the SRCDS server making it lag free (knows about rates, fps, tick, ping and etc). The server that I am using is running Win2008 and it's a powerful server. Its a waste that I am not making full use of the server spec.

Willing to pay for your time and expertise.

This is my server's uplink/downlink
[Image: 618851455.png]

Server Hardware Spec:
8GB of RAM
Intel XEON X3210 Quad Core @ 2.13GHz
Barracuda® ES SATA 3.0/Gb/s 400-GB Hard Drive
PM'd. . .
Ryan White
Owner & CEO
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