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Some questions
With sv_lan set to 1 (enabled) this disables heartbeats, etc, and allows you to play and host on the same system, is that correct?

It would be the same as if setting your client to sv_lan 1 in the console, except that it would be possible to run an administrator console such as Sourcemod?

How would you run this server on LAN? Is it necessary to run srcds.exe?
Is it only possible to use Sourcemod with srcds running?

Sorry for the random, jumbled order of questions. They were all questions that ran through my head as I read this post. I've been trying to get Sourcemod to work on my own system so as to change cvars for LAN parties; etc.

Open a new thread with your questions for them to best be answered quickly.
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First of all, nothing will "allow" you to play and host on the same machine, if you want to do this, create a server from within the game (create lobby -> start game locally).

Sourcemod runs on top of the SRCDS, it's a plugin (sorry if you understand this already but your post is a bit vague).
A LAN server runs exactly the same as any other server, it just uses a different (local) IP range, you also do not have to edit anythign at all to set up a LAN server.
Also, you do not need a plugin to change cvars, you can do that yourself and it's much easier (either in console when running server or in any cfg file)
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