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Favorite games nobody else likes.
We all have our little secret games that nobody else likes, but we play them because there's something about them that just appeals to us. What are some games you absolutely love that others don't? They have to be obscure games, too.

Mine would have to be...

1. Goblin Commander (bet you didn't guess that one).
2. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
3. The Bard's Tale
1. World of Warcraft(does anyone know that game? Big Grin)
2. Pixeline
3. Barbie

I smell hmm spam bot
realchamp not just any barbie game that super nes one that biking level and the rollar skates jeez god dam frisebee
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1. Trackmania United Forever
2. Combat Arms (Only to troll though, since there's mic chat and everyone playing is like 10 years old. It's funny).
3. Diablo 2 (You guys remember this game? I still play it).
[Image: bobafet.png]
Teletubies: Return of the Gub Gub
Dora the Explorer: Quest to Mexico
Hannah Montana Karaoke

JK Toungue
No your not, your totally serious or else you wouldent have posted them Toungue
Ryan White
Owner & CEO
1. X-com Terror from the deep.

One of my favorite old games.
1. bruce lee... commodore 64 days

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