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CS 1.6 FPS Drops
I setup a server for a client tonight who wanted a 1000fps cs 1.6 server. The server fluctuates quite a bit between 500-1000fps which I found rather odd. Im looking for possible ideas to stabalize the FPS around 1000 for him.

Its definitely not a hardware issue (dual quad nehalem 5520, 12gb ram, etc) just to clear that up. Its running on Windows Server 2008 with HPET enabled (obviously since it is reaching 1000fps).

My first assumption was that it might be because I did not have it assigned to a core. I figured maybe it was dropping when Windows was bouncing it between cores. Assigning it to a single core didnt help at all though. I also set CPU Priority to high, which also did nothing to help stabalize the FPS.

Theres pretty much nothing else running on the machine so I am pretty much out of ideas and hoping you guys might have some suggestions. My only guess now is it might be some of his plugins. Hes running a HNS Blockmaker mod (I believe thats the name) which just from a glance looked like it could possibly cause issues with unstable FPS. Would like to add I just tried setting +sys_ticrate to 0 instead of 1000 and that didnt help. It actually sat at around 333 fps so it was worse off than it was before.

Are you running an MMTimer, or something equivalent of that?

Although you have HPET enabled, it's still recommended to run MMTimer, or some form of a booster in the background. You can achieve the same result by running WMP in the background.

Also try the following configs.

sv_maxrate 25000
sv_minrate 2000
sv_maxupdaterate 101
sys_ticrate 0
fps_max 101
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*deleted original message*

Alright its definitely all of his plugins. I looked in his AMXX plugins folder and hes running around 50+ plugins. No one was on so I disabled AMXX and restarted the server and it ran at 1000fps constant, only dropping to 890 or so once in a while. Im just going to let him know hes either going to have to settle for a lower fps or a lot less mods.

Thanks for the help Smile
Jesus - 50+ plugins :S

Guess that's proof right there for anyone who claims plugins don't hinder performance Big Grin
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I was wrong, I recounted, it was 69 plugins.

But yeah, that was definitely the issue *rolls eyes*

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