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ALERT: Don't Preorder MW2 Servers!!!!!

Modern Warfare 2 is NOT going to support dedicated servers, meaning you cannot host your own private server for a clan or group... Its going to run just like the console version.

I see a lot of companies offering pre order servers for MW2... Its bad news because they probably wont refund your pre order money but rather just give you credit towards another game server.

Be warned.
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I want to cry myself to sleep. We were getting ready for a big launch of the game to include some events etc. But now - screw that idea!!!!

What are these companies thinking. They have some good points about the system they are trying to setup, but for all the MOD communities over the years, are going to be way too upset.

Special competition teams, no custom mod to play special game types. All that is in the hands of the developers. Yeah, like they ever made great original maps that top the modders/mappers.

Someone jihad Activisions office! Send a message from the community with a bang!
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They are just lazy because the majority of their audience is console so why should they add more code to make it a better PC game?
Looking for a game server? Visit and pick one up as low as $2.50 / mo!
I can't see the console market drawfing the PC market too much, the competitive scene alone for COD1/2/4 is huge. Never mind the public community.

RIP COD6, death to IW

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