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Logo at server startup ?
When u start a server how do u get text and/or a picture at the start up instead of counter strike source server ect ?
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edit motd.txt

use html or link a current webpage to it
United Strike Marine Corps
USMC-CO| θ (theta)
However the regular motd.txt has a character limit. But if you use it to link to a web page, then there are no character limits.
say it's kind of nice how that work's Smile
how do u link it to a website ? wat do u type in it ?
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<iframe src="web address here" width=100% height=100%></iframe>
ok ill try taht thx
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c2um3 Wrote:<iframe src="web address here" width=100% height=100%></iframe>

Hey, that worked, but only to a degree- I put this in for the web address:

and it displayed, but you cant scroll up and down, it's like the scroll bars, which do display, are just part of the picture and not functional. Am I missing something or is it a quick change in the html? Sorry, I'm clueless as far as editing html goes.

it jus takes it a min to load correctly... idealy your motd shouldn't be to large file so it doesn't take much time or bandwidth to load... the scroll bar in game doesn't work right so linkin motd to a web site allows it to show a scroll bar in a inernet window and u can use it to scroll.. it jus has a slow reaction time...

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