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internet speed test in mbps
i would like to test my internet speed in mbps,last week i test my internet speed here , it shown in kbps i need the right website to test in mbps,please let me know if there is anything.
Most of these speedtest websites are worthless. They measure little more than the impact of internet congestion. The only meaningful test, if you want to find out what speed your setup is capable of, is to download a largish file from your ISP's server, or at least a local server (to eliminate the many "hops" involved in accessing a "speed test" at the other end of the world).
You'll never achieve that speed in real-life surfing or downloading, of course, but at least you can check that your network is properly set up and that your ISP delivers what it promised.
My ISP gives me 3 times more than what I pay for Big Grin

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