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Anybody want to start a zombie mod server with me?
If you are interested in co-running a zombie mod server with me, please add me: whitelava

Hey ickypop,

I am looking for 10 teams to sponsor for our community coming up in the near future. Community dedicated teams to help fill public servers. More you do the more you get idea. Maybe your interested in helping us with servers?

Idk, let me know if you have any questions related. Good luck with finding someone to help you as well.
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I would say 20 slots should be the minimum for a Zombie Mod server..

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Hi. I have a GSP-company and i would like to know more about your "MAD" community. Maybe we can find out something about some servers
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Hi, if you need help, call me Wink

I could give you a Mumble server.
I'd also be willing to help you out chris! I'm based in the UK to could promote you over here! we currently run a GSP
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Looking for a game server? Visit and pick one up as low as $2.50 / mo!
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