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Clients Crashing (hl2.exe)
We run a TF2 server with many mods, 100% crits, tf2 equipment manager and a bunch of others, all powered by sourcemod.

But as of 2 days ago, CLIENTS have been crashing. hl2.exe simply has a memory error or has an exception. It was reported in one game of goldrush the entire blu team crashed and suddenly all dropped.

Can sourcemod plugins possibly cause this? I originally thought it was a hat plugin we used but i disabled this, restarted the server and it still happens.

One user who crashed was running it under WINE on linux (yes this could be a WINE fault, but there heaps of other players are getting on windows)This gives a log of what an executable is doing (to some extent)
err: in Draw()
in Update()
in PrecacheModels()
FileNotFoundException thrown;
Error loading file "models/weapons/c_models/huntsman.mdl/huntsman.mdl"
Note /huntsman.mdl/huntsman.mdl - the first .mdl shouldn't be there.

And when it actually crashes:
Unhandled Exception : FileNotFoundException: File not found (string Path) [0x0000] at PrecacheModels()
Address:0x45d99e  Error: Access Violation: Attempt to open non-existent file

IntReg:DI=00AFADA8 SI=015405B0 AX=0000 BX=1740028 CX=0322 DX=17218B

CtlReg:BP=0034F1DC IP=0045D99E SP=0034F130 Flags=00210202

SegCS=00000073 SegSS=0000007B

Code at current IP: 66 89 51 FE 8B 56 04 40 3B C2 7C CB 8B 5D F4 D9

Memory Statistics:Load=74  TotPhys=1059389440  AvailPhys=267833344

TotPage=-142913536  AvailPage=1879650303

TotVirtual=2147352575  AvailVirtual=2147287039
These WINE logs may be of no use it all, its hard to say. The problem seems random because no one seems to be able to identify anything specific they were doing when it happened.

Can anyone assist/even guess whats causing this? People crash literally every few minutes.
It can be a good possibility that one of your mods is doing something with the models ingame (a simple hook can do that). If the mod fails (which is client side executing) the client is well able to crash.
Can you miss the mod for a few days to see how it works without the mods? If the server runs fine then you know the problem.
Also I read there has been an update recently, make sure you have the latest sourcemod version and updated plugins.
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