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Gamers choice from
Gamers choice from
Zero1 is a server company that started out summer 2005 by skilled gamers who wanted to provide all players with proper server quality. We feel that there are too many companies out there that overload their servers or don´t know what they´re doing when they set servers up. So, when Zero1 says your server is 100 tick, it is 100 tick. Also, we don´t charge more than we need to be able to pay for food and shelter...and the odd hardware upgrade Smile

100 tick servers @ 500fps from £40
66 tick servers @ 500fps from £25
33 tick servers @ 500fps from £20

All servers come with a free 12 slot Teamspeak2 or Ventrilo server.

We now also rent out dedicated boxes for £100/month or £500 for 6 months!

Visit us at

Best Regards
how many slots for the £25 a month 66 tick 1

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