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sv_downloadurl isnt working
Hello all, I've recently started a CSS server.

Anyways, I've been trying to get sv_downloadurl working so new users can join inless than 30 mins...

I have many custom files on my server, (Mainly sounds. .mp3 .wav and .ogg)

Well ill say what i've done.

I'm using official maps only. I've tried 3 different types of download url (with/without quotes, with/without / at end.) i tried .RES files to download sounds. and Mani admin"downloads.txt" thing. Yes, all items are on site (custom files, not official files) yes, all links/lines are correct. I am not Bzipping. All files will show as one progress bar, not each file having a seprate one.

Host: Godaddy ~ Unlimited Plan (Unlimited storage/bandwith)



Game/Server info:

100 Tick
max/minrate = 0
rate 30000
upload/download set to 1
Pure/consistency set to 0
FPS set to 1000 (Question there, will this increase bandwidth or just CPU usage)

Intel ~ A Celeron

I'm really annoyed, if been trying to fix this for 3 days.

EDIT: I've also checked many tutorials on the

Anyone help me please
So whats the problem? Any errors printed in console?

If you are going to use sv_downloadurl, I recommend Bzipping the map and sound files so your players connect 75% quicker than normal.

sv_downloadurl ""
Yes, files will try to download but unsuccesful.
"Failed to Load File.mp3"

Its not in steamapps/user/Counter-Strike Source/cstrike/sound/anotherfolder where the files are supposed to be
Try upping your net_maxfilesize. A good maxfile size I had was net_maxfilesize 30. Never had any issues with that one.
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On a side note, I see you are using a Celeron CPU, your not going to get 100tickrate on that I'm afraid. (Unless you run very low slots)
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(10-08-2009, 07:09 PM)Drocona Wrote:  On a side note, I see you are using a Celeron CPU, your not going to get 100tickrate on that I'm afraid. (Unless you run very low slots)

switched to 66, 500FPs.

still not working afgter trying net_maxilesize
Can you post your server.cfg and a screen shot of how your download site is laid out (screen shot of the FTP windows will work best).
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Are you sure the link that you have set the sv_downloadurl to has the same layout and everything of your cstrike directory... if not this could be your problem...

Thanks; Zorro Aka Jordan

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