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Lag/Interpolation spikes for everyone on a TF2 server
I made a post on this issue on the Steam forums, and then found out it was dead, so I'm reposting this here.

Quote:I recently rented a small TF2 server for my friends and I to use. However, there's a big issue that preventing us from getting the fullest use out of it - constant points where the game seems to stop for everyone. On the net graph, when this happens, the interpolation graph at the bottom spikes up for a few seconds. I didn't know that the bottom graph meant interpolation until today, so I don't really know what I can do about it. Are they some convars on the server that I can change around to prevent this from happening? Or something else?
I don't know what the hardware specs are for the server. However, I talked to the people that host the server, and they said that the CPU, RAM, and bandwidth were within nominal limits. The launch command is:

-game tf -console +ip -port 27016 +maxplayers 10 -tickrate 66 +fps_max 300 +exec server.cfg +map cp_dustbowl

I have SourceMod and MetaMod, as well as Roll the Dice on the server, however, I have completely uninstalled them, and this issue would still present itself just as often.

Here is a picture of the net_graph when it happens:
[Image: arenaoffblastfinal0034.jpg]

I've seen that happen on my own end when I've had connection issues, but as the original post states, this happens for everyone at the exact same time.

Since I think this is a server-side issue that seems like it can only be solved with a convar being changed, there is the server.cfg.
// server name
hostname " "

// rcon passsword
rcon_password " "

// Server password
sv_password " "

sv_client_cmdrate_difference "30"
sv_lan "0"
sv_region "0"
sv_pausable "0"
sv_cheats "0"
sv_consistency "1"
sv_allowupload "1"
sv_allowdownload "1"
sv_timeout "300"
sv_alltalk 1

mp_respawnwavetime 3
mp_timelimit "75"
mp_footsteps "1"
mp_autoteambalance 0
mp_tournament 0
mp_teams_unbalance_limit 0
mp_chattime 15
mp_idlemaxtime 3600

tf_flag_caps_per_round "4"
tf_stats_track "1"
tf_playergib "1"

sv_maxrate 70000  //DONT CHANGE
sv_minrate 0   //DONT CHANGE
sv_maxupdaterate 100   //DONT CHANGE
sv_minupdaterate 10   //DONT CHANGE
fps_max 600  //DONT CHANGE
decalfrequency 10   //DONT CHANGE
sv_maxcmdrate 100 //DONT CHANGE

// execute ban files
exec banned_user.cfg
exec banned_ip.cfg
Any help I can get with this would be great. Even when playing with a few people, the server can get unplayable.
Is this from a reputable gsp? Or someone with a computer in their basement?
Ryan White
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They seem pretty good. I play on a server all the time that's hosted from that website, and there are zero problems with lag.
#4 sucks.... sry to say.

And does it happen for all on the server?
Yeah. It happens for everyone at the same time. We're all on Vent, and when it happens, everyone cries out about it.
This is your host... Only real way to fix it is to get a new one.
Indeed. If you want quality, you can't go cheap.
Ryan White
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#8 = = worst GSP ever.
#9 is better than I would recommend someone like, nfo.
Ryan White
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(09-26-2009, 12:57 PM)dualcore1289 Wrote: is better than I would recommend someone like, nfo.

hmm they all suck Toungue

xfactorservers, i dnu.
You'll get best results with companies that are small and keep their customerbase small to provide the best support and servers.
It happens quite a bit that the bigger they go, the more servers are running on one machine which in the end, cripples a servers performance.
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That isn't true all the time....I've used NFO before and they were very good.
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(09-26-2009, 12:57 PM)dualcore1289 Wrote: is better than I would recommend someone like, nfo.

Thanks DualCore, it's apperciated.
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hm... could it be due to the new update?

or maybe they are overstacking their servers?
Both Wink
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