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Change Ping to a text

can sombody tell me how to change the player's actual Ping to a text, e.g. 'BOT' or 'Admin' ? EventScripts members didn't answer my question or don't have any clue :/

Is it even possible?
I don't know so I asked you! But normaly BOT can stand there why not something else?!

that is a tutorial on how to change the scoreboard into a task list, this might be helpful
I know bots can be faked to have a ping but I don't think the other way around is possible (haven't ever seen it)
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I haven't seen it, too! So I wanted to make it! Sorry the website doesn't help .....
How exactly did you want to make it? What tools did you want to use to make it, I dont think eventscripts is capable of this type of modification as user displayed scoreboard is not a game event so I am not surprised that you got no valid response on the ES forums. Changing the game in this way will require some actual programming. Obviously the server sends what each player's ping is to the clients so it can be displayed, however, the server sends this information as an integral data type, a bot shows up as -1 ping when you type status, then the client displays BOT in place of the -1 in the scoreboard. There would need to be some modification of the clients code to add another sentinel value for admins. I am not saying that it cannot be done, but it is definitely not going to be accomplished without some serious effort and research into the code that generates the scoreboard.
I wanted to make with ES! With ES you can set a variable ping to every player! This doesn't change the players real ping only the shown ping! So I thought with ES you can also set a text but that doesn't work it always shows then nothing, no ping, but also no text!
I found the plugin that makes the bots have fake ping, but since it is changing the bot's ping to a number and sending it to the client, its still a number.

Color me impressed sourcemods, changing that code so it sets the players ping to text doesn't crash the server? You could however change the number sent to like, -5 or something, then somehow modify the client to display everyone with -5 ping as ADMIN. I dont know of a way to modify the code on the client side thru a server plugin, but that doesnt mean its not out there somewhere. You could however make all admins have negative ping by modifying that code, then it should display their correct ping, but negative numbers indicating to the other players that they are admins. This assumes that the client doesnt just check if the ping is negative before displaying BOT. If it checks for -1 specifically then it should work. I would also be interested in seeing the effects on server side prediction when this is done.
I will test what happens when I set the ping to -1 and then I will wirte back!

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