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Bad Pings in L4D
Pings arent as good as they should be, I've seen much better on average with other servers in the same location. My server is hosted in a data center in new jersey, I think I have some bad settings. Average ping is yellow, 110-140, no reason they shouldn't be green.

Edit: I'd like to add that CSS and TF2 do NOT have this problem, it's just a bad setting with l4d that i cant seem to figure out.

hostname =no.Luck= L4D #4 CEVO
sv_search_key "nlcevo"

// Admin and Server Passsword
rcon_password "xxxx"

// Executable Config Files
exec banned_user.cfg
exec banned_ip.cfg

// Server Logging
sv_log_onefile 0
sv_logbans 1

// Steam Group Settings
sv_steamgroup 1091787

// Server Operation Cvars
mp_disable_autokick 1
sv_consistency 1

// Votekicks obey admin immunity levels
l4d_vote_kick_immunity 1
l4d_vote_log 1

// Plugins
snarespeak_endofround_alltalk 1

//Adjust tank spawns: 100% chance on every map
sm_cvar versus_tank_chance_intro 1
sm_cvar versus_tank_chance_finale 1
sm_cvar versus_tank_chance 1

//Adjust witch spawns: 0% chance on 1,5, default chance on 2,3,4
sm_cvar versus_witch_chance_intro 0
sm_cvar versus_witch_chance_finale 0
sm_resetcvar versus_witch_chance

//Adjust boss spawn completion rates: 90% on 1-4
sm_cvar versus_boss_flow_max_intro 0.9
sm_cvar versus_boss_flow_max 0.9

//Tanks spawn in the same place for both teams
sm_cvar versus_tank_flow_team_variation 0.0

//Allow players to switch teams 9999 times per map
sm_cvar vs_max_team_switches 9999

//Turn almost all spawnable medkits into pills
sm_cvar director_convert_pills 0
sm_cvar director_vs_convert_pills 0.0
sm_cvar director_pain_pill_density 5.0

//Disable tank suiciding if no AI path to survivors
sm_cvar tank_stuck_time_suicide 99999999999

//Disable all SM plugins except for core, RUP, scores
l4d_ready_competition 0

exec cevo_map.cfg

//Configure the RUP plugin
l4d_ready_enabled 1
l4d_ready_both_halves 0
l4d_ready_minimum_players 6
l4d_ready_server_cfg "cevo_map.cfg"
l4d_ready_search_key_disable 1

//Configure the scores plugin
l4d_team_order 3 // ABABA

say "CEVO Config has been loaded, last updated 6/25/2009"

setmaster add
setmaster add

sm_cvar fps_max 1000
sm_cvar sv_minupdaterate 101
sm_cvar sv_maxupdaterate 101
sm_cvar sv_mincmdrate 101
sm_cvar sv_maxcmdrate 101
sm_cvar sv_maxrate 100000
sm_cvar sv_minrate 100000

sm_cvar net_maxcleartime 0.001
sm_cvar net_splitrate 2
sm_cvar net_splitpacket_maxrate 100000

l4d_maxplayers 12
It seems if a player types net_graph 1 , it shows a lower ping than the tab scoreboard. It's still kind of high though, but reasonable. Why is the scoreboard ping inaccurate?
The scoreboard ping is a "fake" ping, it's one way.
The "real" ping from the net_graph is from client to server and back to client, which is the actual accurate ping.
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Pings in scoreboard are from the server to the client,then back to the server, and pings in netgraph are YOUR pings to the server and back, and for some reason, the scoreboard is usually higher.
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Yeah, this is on all source games like this, in net_graph you can usually get 10 - 30 lower ping, it updates more often and of course therefore is more accurate... Smile
(09-18-2009, 09:56 AM)St1flus Wrote:  Yeah, this is on all source games like this, in net_graph you can usually get 10 - 30 lower ping, it updates more often and of course therefore is more accurate... Smile

10 - 30% HIGHER ping.
I wish I could glitch the scoreboard so people wouldn't complain.

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