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server has no pulse?
So I finally finished setting up a Gmod server, and after fixing all the inherent problems, there is only one left that is crippling my ability to have this server working. It seems like my server doesn't feel like sending heartbeats, so I have to do it manually. Every 30 seconds. Otherwise my server stops responding. I've looked at the ports and all ports tcp/udp 27000 to 27050 as well as 1200 are opened, and I don't know what's going on. Another thing is that the server still shows up in my LAN list whether it's up in the internet section or not. I'm home hosting he server, so I realize that I have to connect to it through the LAN section (i think)

Could someone please help me?
It will always show as LAN no matter what for you, even when others see it as internet.

As for the heartbeat, not sure why it's not automatic, after manually typing it once or in the server.cfg it should be fine.
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SRCDS doesn't log heartbeats. However, they should still be sent.
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