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New Footprint Gaming Site & Forums
I have totally remade the Footprint Gaming site with a new design I made as well as new forum software.

I have also made it so when you donate you automatically get put in a special group on the forums and this week I will make it so if you are in that group you can do "special stuff" on the servers.

Please take a look
~ trewq

Decent start. But maybe start with a better website template that appeals more to gamers. Get the colorful gametracker server images up will add some spice. Maybe have someone help with a voice monitor and other scripts.

I hate to step in and sound like I am advertising, but check out our site below in my SIG. For the price of hosting a month we can offer a free template with control management system, free forum install and free banner. A lot that would help improve your traffic to the site and interest your members more.

Including customization by support ticket for free. So long as they are basic website edits etc.

Good luck.
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