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Anyone good with linux and websites
Hello there i wonder if anyone can learn me / set up a website for me.. PM Me.. im 100% fresh and im not good at linux / websites Smile

I got a host
Website? Do you mean code the HTML? Or make the actual web server?
Well I'm good with all that stuff but for websites and Linux support I charge $.
~ trewq
humm now i got a problem lol, i made phpbb work, then the power in the whole house went down, my dad spilled beer on the laptop that went into the batteri to the wall, then poof, all power off. then when i booted the servre, my pc, router everything the server doesnt show up at the router .. whats the problem? :/
poof = Oooops+Hareware_reset/failure%$
There was something showing at the router, but the name of the machine didnt stand, and i couldnt connect it just said BLANK

Instead of SERVER - that it was before power shit
I hope it wasn't good beer . . . that would be a waste.
CGS|Todd Wrote:I hope it wasn't good beer . . . that would be a waste.

Hopefully not! Smile

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