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DDoS on Deltaservers :(
Don't delete this post please..
It's off topic, shouldn't hurt ANYONE!
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^ That guy is DDoSing deltaservers with a 30 + botnet because I noclipped on my bhop server XD
He's demanding admin and stuff or he won't stop the ddos, and might bring it on my IP personally.
But for now he took down all of my deltaservers by ddosing the actual gsp, so sorry that DS is down but it's not my fault this haxor is black mailing me. anyhow he also said he would hack people's steam accounts, and I submitted a support ticket to steam and told people on forums...

So after ddosing he whole GSP, and he is still now...
Do u think he'll be caught?
What should we do?
Kthx help me<3
buh bye

P.S. sorry for the nocolor Sad
We will not be caught... If you get hacked, it's probably YOUR OWN FAULT!
He's just the typical internet tough guy who does it for lulz and wants.
I'm sure you were a dick to him at one point, don't intaganize internet kids I'm sure you will learn at one point.
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What part of, I didn't do you guys not understand?

<3 how all this is perfectly fine on the internet. lolrofl
Talk to your GSP and get the bots blocked. 30 Isn't many.

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